How to Cheese Platter

Looking to create the perfect cheeseboard but just not sure how to? Follow these step by step instructions.

Step 1: Choose your board. Dark wood & slate contrasts the cheese.
Step 2: Add plates and bowls
Step 3 Add the cheese. We have used: Washed Rind; Triple Cream Brie; Normandy Style Camembert; Gorgonzola Style Blue; Aged Cheddar.
Step 4: Add salty stuff such as olives and Meats
Step 5: Add sweet stuff like honeycomb and fruit
Step 6: Add condiments such as gherkins & dips
Step 7: Bread & crackers
Step 8: Finally spoons & cheese knives
Done. Enjoy!

Top Tips

  • Use a selection of strong & mild flavours. Some soft, crumbly and hard textured cheese.
  • Parchment paper creates great texture and contrast
  • Encourage guests to eat by cutting the cheese

Or Watch the video below.