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Our new Authentic Greek Yoghurt puts the fine into fine dining. That’s why Head Chefs from three of New Zealand’s top restaurants each adopted it to create a truly world-class desert. You’ll find their creations on the menu strictly for a limited time from June 25 – August 5. But If you’re struggling to get a reservation, you’ll find it in a supermarket and a Farmers’ Market near you. View our full list of Farmers’ markets where you can buy our Greek yoghurt from.

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Puhoi Valley Authentic Greek Yoghurt delice, almond sablè, citrus gel and coconut ice-cream.

With a luxurious mousse-like texture, Chef Daniel Na’s Authentic Greek Yoghurt delice delivers the perfect balance of sweetness and sourness. If that wasn’t enough, the coconut ice-cream, citrus gel and almond sablè combine to give the dish a refreshing, yet nutty, flavour.

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Lemon meringue pie with Puhoi Valley Authentic Greek Yoghurt Ice-cream and raspberry crumb.

Chef Rex Morgan’s modern interpretation of a Kiwi classic sees a homemade digestive biscuit tart shell filled with our natural yoghurt & lemon curd cheesecake topped with a blow torched meringue – sitting on freeze dried forest berries on a raspberry and boysenberry coulis. And to finish? There’s a Puhoi Valley Authentic Greek Yoghurt rhubarb & strawberry ice cream, perched upon Champagne-poached rhubarb.

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Rhubarb and strawberry compote yoghurt mousse, with caramelised white chocolate and ginger crumb and a yoghurt & ginger sorbet.

For the rhubarb lovers, Chef Darren Wright’s strawberry and rhubarb compote yoghurt mousse with rhubarb jelly and gingerbread is sure to hit the spot. Served with a natural Greek yoghurt panna cotta, poached rhubarb and caramelised white chocolate crumb and finished with a piquant yoghurt and ginger sorbet.

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