Michael Whittaker

Michael Whittaker

- Poet



Michael has published and performed poetry in Paris, London and New York.

"Since I was at high school, I was always attracted to the ambiguity of poetry. It is very subjective, and that appealed to me. I was living in Belleville, Paris, and there was a bilingual poetry reading that helped me with my French. That got me into it. Then I studied, got my Masters, and really understood the fineries.

I like to know the rules so I can break them into my own way. I'm interested in modernism, verse libre: refusing to use punctuation, breaking away from traditional patterns. Life isn't experienced in a highly structured way and so structure shouldn't limit the way you express yourself.

Once you start, you become consumed... immersion comes to mind.

I don't like to share things immediately. I like to sit on something, and finely hone it over a long period of time, in an inordinate, over-the-top amount of detail, until I'm happy to send it out into the world, as perfect as I can possibly make it."