Maegan McDowell

Maegan McDowell

- Artist, Photographer



Artist and photographer Maegan McDowell decided as a teen that being a natural photographer would be the most satisfying job a person like her could have. She spends hours, and sometimes days, assembling still life arrangements to photograph for her limited edition prints.

Her biggest influences growing up were her mother's passion for medieval decor and her father's fascination with the natural world - and she combines these meticulously in her work.

"It's all about the finer details and bringing them together - colour, texture, composition. Every element makes a difference.

You have a vision in your head, and you want to bring it to life, and translate it into the real world, so others can experience it. You have to put the time into doing that - you become obsessed with that.

I'm such a perfectionist. It could take an hour, it could take a few days of slightly tweaking things, to make it right. I'm constantly trying to make something better... and create beauty like I never have before."