Eden Kersten

Eden Kersten

- Florist



Eden, founder of the Botanist, is renowned for the unconventional and undeniably beautiful flower arrangements she creates for her customers.

"I don't stick to the traditional rules. I want to be true to what I really love, and what feels good, and not to follow trends.

I love, love, love what I do. I've been doing it since I was 11 and it's all I know. You can't help but love something that brings such beauty and happiness to other people...

Aesthetically speaking, it's about movement within my work, creating stories. I love organic, not-so-rigid styles. I suspend flowers from the ceiling, make them look like they are growing from the ground, create flower walls... it makes a room come alive.

Attention to detail is important, but I don't want to overthink anything. I want the flowers to speak for themselves and harmonise together... so that they sing to each other, complement each other. No one should overpower the other, no one should stand out more than each other... which is the way it should be in everyday life."